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New - Postcards from our artist exhibited at Contemporary Gallery CH

We have created new series of postcards which are available now in our store. The first serie is composed by 5 photographs of Murten and the Lake of Murten made by Karl Houttemann.

You may buy them directly in our shop in Murten or online by sending us an email at or throug our contact application.

"Murten 1" by Karl Houtteman ©2020 (15cmx10cm) CHF 4.90

"Murten 2" by Karl Houtteman ©2020 (21cmx15cm) CHF 5.90

"Murten 3" by Karl Houtteman ©2020 (15cmx10cm) CHF 4.90

"Murten 4" by Karl Houtteman ©2020 (15cmx10cm) CHF 4.90

"Murten 5" by Karl Houtteman ©2020 (15cmx10cm) CHF 4.90

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Reopening at a new location

On May 8 2021 we will reopen our store in the medival city of Murten at the Deutsche Kirchgasse 32. We are glad to welcome you back !