DJALS CONCEPT STORE is proud to offer its customer ethnic handcrafted products out of Africa, Latin America and Switzerland. 

Being in direct contact with the various work-shops, we can not only guarantee an ethical production but also fair and attractive pricing. 

Contemporary designs, high quality and no mass-production offers you as a customer an individual touch!


Most important for you is with whom we deal. Our business partners are all relatively small business units and workshops with a high ethical standard in terms of chosing their material, working conditions and remuneration of their staff.

For them it is as important as for us to provide high quality work. Proud of their products, we are proud to offer them to you.


With our partner CONTEMPORARY GALLERY CH we entertain on the first floor of our show-room an art-gallery presenting artist out of our region and from abroad. In two-month cycle we offer a platform to younger painters and sculpters, often at the beginning of their career.

At the begin of each exhibition-cycle an opening-party with the presence of the artists is held as well as other gatherings.


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